Blog: Graeme RobertsNissan's Pike cars

Graeme Roberts | 30 March 2011

A trip down memory lane, courtesy of the New York Times' Automobile section. These were never meant to escape Japan, but of course they did.

The Figaro, imported used from Japan, which conveniently is also right hand drive, was a huge hit here in the UK and you still occasionally see 'em about.

The S-Cargo was a smash hit with small businesses in my native New Zealand at the height of the used-cars-from-Japan import boom in the early 1990s and every one that could be sourced in Japan and put on a ship found an eager buyer soon after docking.

The Be-1 and Pao I'm not so familiar with. All were easy to maintain with simple March/Micra mechanicals. Will we see the like again?


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