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Dave Leggett | 3 August 2007

There have been a couple of interesting technology items to come out of Nissan this week. I can't quite resist one cheap joke. Has Nissan been taking advice from alliance partner Renault on its new pop-up bonnet technology? (There was a minor storm recently on Clio II pop-ups in the UK.) Hang on, doesn't Jaguar have something similar on the XK? Why, yes it does.

And then there's the deployment of considerable high-tech resource and brainpower to the problem of drink-driving. Makes you wonder how bad the problem still is.

It's so tied to cultures and attitudes across the world. And there's the basic point for persisistent/habitual drink-drivers who believe that their driving isn't significantly impaired: what's the chance of actually being caught? Here, these days, drink-driving is extremely frowned upon (wasn't the case thirty years ago when it was more a misdemeanor). It'll be a big fine, driving licence gone for two years and you could go to jail if it's messy. But drive past a country pub in the evening and the car park outside will often be brimming with cars. How many people inside seem to be drinking soft drinks?  

I've known plenty of people in the States who don't take the issue at all seriously. And in places like South Africa the police have got bigger fish to fry and are not all that interested in pursuing drink-drivers - almost everybody seems to do it. It's more a social problem and policing issue than one that can be solved by high-tech wizadry I think, even if the technology might have a role to play in some circumstances.

JAPAN: Concept showcases anti drink-drive technology


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