Blog: Dave LeggettNice tune, worrabout the Ka?

Dave Leggett | 7 July 2009

Ford has issued a release to say that the catchy tune that goes with its TV ad for the new Ka is available as a single for download from iTunes. The ditty is 'The Tease featuring Megan Wyler'.

Megan Wyler, currently recording her first solo album, is described in the Ford press release as an experienced singer on the New York City club scene.

"The track was a fun collaboration for me so it was fantastic to hear there was desire for a full track to be recorded – I’m really pleased its been such a success for all involved,” she said. Yes, I'll bet she is pleased.

Here's a thought though. The old Ka, the first one, was an astonishing success. It kept the same platform for 13 years with little apparent adverse impact on sales. The thing about it was the distinct and differentiated styling and low price. It wasn't a boring old Fiesta hatchback that your Aunt Hilda swore by.

Now then. Ford concludes that it needs a new Ka, that it cannot stand still. Old models have to be replaced. Fair enough and I'm sure the new one has much to commend it.

Is there room for a new Ka underneath Fiesta, like there was before? Quite possibly, but lines have got a bit blurred. The new Ka looks like it could be a Corsa and the new Fiesta has a lot more panache about it. The clear blue water between the old Ka and the previous Fiesta isn't quite there any longer.

Could Ford have actually kept the old Ka going as a low-budget urban cult car, with a kind of retro appeal? The car's longevity could perhaps even have been turned into a positive asset. A cheeky exception to the rule that models have to be reinvented every four years or so. Maybe they could have looked at giving it a gradual 'green-over' with pineapple plant headliners introduced (that does exist on the Brazilian-made VW Fox), more recycled plastics and such, extending appeal to those with environmental concerns. Could the humble Ka have morphed into a Beetle-style celebration of the virtues of low-cost utility over the culture of excess consumption?

Maybe you think I am getting carried away and perhaps I am. But the big winners in business tend to be the people and companies who understand how the world is changing rather than simply extrapolating the established values of the present into the future.

Just a thought. Nice tune, though (spot all the Kas?).



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