Blog: Dave LeggettNext Mini to be cheaper to make

Dave Leggett | 1 June 2004

I guess this was to be expected. Profit margins on the Mini are so razor thin (Deutsche Bank reckons Mini made not much more than $60 million profit last year on a turnover estimated at $3.4 billion – and that’s with the Mini Cowley plant, sorry Oxford, at full tilt) that BMW is said to be drawing up plans to make the next one substantially cheaper to build. That implies – at the very least - that something is not quite right on the pricing or spec of the current Mini. I recall that Goldman Sachs’ autos analyst Max Warburton put out a note in 2001 explaining why Mini was exceedingly expensive to make and not quite the raving success that everyone assumed it to be. He wasn’t exactly flavour of the month with BMW management at the time. 


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