Blog: Dave LeggettNext Jag X-type

Dave Leggett | 18 April 2005

The next Jaguar X-type ought to be a more radical looking vehicle than the current underperforming one according to what I am hearing. That bodes well. One of the problems with the current saloon model is that its conservative lines make it look like a slightly scaled down version of the S-type. The X-type replacement range (X450) will likely share componentry with the new S-type (X250) to keep costs down, but I would expect to see something like the R-D6 concept being the mainstay variant. Makes sense. And Jaguar's designers will probably want to throw off that retro tag and finally ditch obvious Ford/Lincoln DNA. Before the X, we have the next XK ('06) and S-type ('07) to look forward to. The X-type gets some kind of facelift in 2007.

USA: Jaguar's underperforming X-type sedan to live until 2009


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