Blog: Dave LeggettNew Zafira

Dave Leggett | 30 May 2005

I drove the new Opel/Vauxhall Zafira on Friday. Overall impression: not radically different from the last one (you wouldn't expect it to be) but there are some significant improvements (as you might expect). We had a presentation from a GM bod that pointed out some of the external design changes. Some of it is quite subtle - you'd have to see new and old side by side to notice them. One thing that is perhaps quite noticeable is the larger front overhang on the new one - something that results from more exacting safety requirements, including greater pedestrian safety. The new model's A-pillar has been moved forward to hide that generous looking overhang and there is also a shallower rake on the windscreen too. 

That panoramic roof is an interesting feature, though perhaps not quite as panoramic as the name suggests - there are two narrowish longtitudinal windows separated by a central spine that houses several storage compartments (that may well prove popular with kids). Market reaction to the roof will be interesting to see as the new Zafira is rolled out (it is available as an option at just £850 in UK).


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