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Dave Leggett | 17 August 2005

There's always a buzz when Mercedes brings out its new flagship S-Class. It's an important model and a pointer to the new technology that will eventually trickle down to lower segments of the market. I am looking forward to seeing the new one - W221 - at Frankfurt next month.

I have had a couple of conversations with people this week who have already seen it and are slightly concerned that it has been given the 'Maybach treatment'.

The pictures do suggest that the car has a more bulky look than its immediate predecessor (W220), which was intentionally made to look sleek after the shock that was the adverse market reaction to the previous generation S-Class. That was the ill-fated W140 S-Class that was just a little out of touch when it hit the market in the early 1990s.

It was big and heavy - a real tank. Something for the board member who really wants to make a clear statement to his underlings perhaps, but most appear to prefer a little more subtlety. That was especially true in the austere economic conditions facing Germany post-unification in the 1990s.

Maybach hasn't exactly been a roaring success and the LWB one is obviously some sort of joke. I hope the new S-Class designers know what they are doing and that the unfortunate timing of the W140 isn't repeated. But the German economy, or the whole of Europe's for that matter, isn't exactly lively at the moment. They'll be watching closely at Audi and BMW.

Pics of the new one are available at the below link.

New S-Class


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