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Dave Leggett | 7 December 2005

When my marketing colleagues told me about the new 'personal research manager' service we were offering on just-auto, I did wonder about the logistics of supplying helpful little research gophers to anyone who asked.

But I reckon some people may find it worth a go (it's free) as it could save you some time looking for relevant research.

Basically, we'll get our little gophers here doing the search legwork for you and there's even a 'price promise' – we’ll ensure you receive the best price online and if you find a report cheaper we’ll match the price and give you three months free membership to just-auto.

More than that, there's a money back guarantee - if the report we recommend doesn’t meet your expectations we’ll give you your money back. To try this new service e-mail my ever helpful colleague, Allyson Thomas at

Or give the chirpy little lady a call on (UK) +44 (0)1527 573 609. If you buy research, I'd give it a go and see how you get on. As it's free, what's to lose?

To launch the new personal research service, if you order any study from us before 31st March 2006 we will send you a free copy of the 2006 outlook briefing which will be published in January. Worth $320/£177/EUR260, the briefing will help you understand the major trends and developments for the coming year.

Buy any report from our research store:


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