Blog: Dave LeggettNew proActive is out

Dave Leggett | 24 April 2009

The latest edition of the proActive e-magazine that we do for Lotus Engineering has just gone live. Inside you'll find details of the Lotus Omnivore (great name) research engine and an update on progress - it's had its first firing. And there's some interesting detail on the 2010MY Elise S. At 179g/km CO2, you can have blistering performance in a car that is kinder to the environment than some family saloons.

There's also an interview I did with Dr Pawan Goenka - the head of Mahindra Group's automotive division. Interesting response from him to my question on growth through acquisition...

Anyway, if you are not signed up to receive the email alert for the free download, click the below link.

Lotus proActive


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