Blog: Dave LeggettNew Peugeot 207

Dave Leggett | 13 January 2006

The new Peugeot 207 looks like a competent safe-pair-of-hands design job even though that increasingly flamboyant Peugeot family C-pillar is starting to remind me a little of the mid-1970s Datsun Cherry. But with the 1007, 107, 207 and the 206 still carrying on for a while, is it getting a little crowded product-wise in the small car area for Peugeot though? Frederic Saint-Geours claims that Peugeot is holding a 'pack of aces' with that little lot.

That argument works if there is a distinct market segment for each one of those models with very little overlap. New 207 is significantly larger than its 'predecessor' 206 to distance itself from 107 and 1007. Maybe 206 is mainly destined for tier two markets as a bargain basement run-out offering (but, alas for Ryton, I can't imagine that will carry on for long) and the 1007 is aimed at an urban market niche that really needs those sliding doors. I'm not necessarily saying that it's a busted flush rather than pack of aces (and 107 cost is minimised through the JV with Toyota and there is platform sharing also), though pack of aces might be stretching it and it will be interesting to see how much market overlap there is ultimately. 

But 207 does look good in the pictures - if, as some others have noted, very like a scaled down and leaner 307 (itself an exterior design that very much took its cue from 1998's very successful and radical looking Peugeot 206). 

Read just-auto deputy editor Graeme Robert's initial analysis of the car:

INITIAL ANALYSIS: Peugeot's new 207 lacks 'predecessor''s originality


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