Blog: Dave Leggett'New' Mazdas getting disassembled and shredded

Dave Leggett | 29 April 2008

Here's an odd one to check out over your coffee break. Do you recall an ocean going car transporter - Cougar Ace - in the Pacific that ran into trouble a while back, aground on its side (I've dug out the story links from our archive - below)? Its cargo of 4,700 Mazdas was rescued, but the cars had been resting at a crazy angle for weeks.

What damage may have been done to the cars? Not all that much you might think (they are well strapped in), but the mere uncertainty was enough for Mazda to conclude that its best option was to claim the loss on the insurance and scrap the cars. The Wall Street Journal got the story on the scrapping process and have sent us the link to use (bottom link, below).

The video clip in the article is worth a look. Sad to see such treatment meted out to 'new' cars, but there you go. They even smash the CD players with hammers and drill holes in the tyres to stop them finding their way out on to the black market. 

JAPAN: Mazda rules out selling rescued cars as new

US: Mazda scraps 4,703 Cougar Ace cars

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