Blog: Dave LeggettNew Jag concept for Detroit

Dave Leggett | 3 January 2007

The C-XF concept that will be unveiled in Detroit on Sunday certainly looks good and augurs well for the production version XF (S-Type replacement) that we'll be seeing in Frankfurt in September. It has been well trailed that Jaguar's designers have eschewed the previous 3-box retro themes on future saloons; C-XF looks like a close relation to XKR Coupe and that's no bad thing. It's a much more modern look, but one that retains sporty and classy Jaguar elements. Well done Callum. 

What will Jaguar do about the X-Type? Don't expect a like-for-like replacement in that lower executive segment that has been a disaster area for Jaguar. If there is to be a sub-XF Jaguar, it has to fit in with the new design philosophies. But with Aston shortly going out of the Ford family door, emphasising Jaguar's prestige credentials and taking the brand further upmarket makes sense.

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