Blog: Dave LeggettNew Hondas to try

Dave Leggett | 3 February 2004

Contrary to what some people imagine, I don't get behind the wheel of many new cars - well, we don't do car reviews and, pleasurable as events like new model launches for the press undeniably are, it's often hard to justify or find the time. But I've agreed to go along to a Honda 'roadshow' in Surrey later this month. Top points to the Honda PR people for devising a flexible programme that keeps the time allocation for busy journos down. I should be able to get along in the afternoon, drive some cars, eat some rubber chicken and be home in time for tea and muffins.

There'll be some new Accord i-CTDi diesels, '04 Civic Type-Rs and revised '04 S2000s to drive and you never know who will be at these things - sometimes you bump into people you haven't seen for years or make contact with a helpful PR. I think Honda has finally dropped the NSX in Britain now, but here's hoping that a late model will make it along for old times' sake.


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