Blog: Dave LeggettNew BMW for £465..

Dave Leggett | 25 July 2003

Scanning the day's vehicle manufacturer press releases earlier this week, one of them jumped out of the page: 'New three-wheeler launched by BMW'. I immediately thought of the old Isetta. Could this be an update? They certainly kept that quiet. I clicked on the link and all was revealed - it's a scooter. But being a BMW scooter, attention has been paid to the engineering of course. It's been created by BMW Designworks USA and just get a load of this, from BMW's press release:

"The SlideCarver’s board is made of fibreglass reinforced polyamide and aluminium with high load-bearing strength. Exceptional handling is achieved using a double-joint swinging support component taken from the running gear of the E39 BMW 5-Series. This ensures that when steering, the board of the SlideCarver pivots in the direction of the turn, improving the rider’s centre of balance. Handlebar mounted brake levers are linked to a finely adjustable hydraulic twin-disc brake system on its rear wheels. The brake cables are discreetly located within the tube of the handlebars giving a more streamlined appearance and protection from weather and scuffing. Front wheel suspension also provides greater ride comfort. The SlideCarver comes with high quality, maintenance free wheel bearings fitted as standard and low profile polyurethane tyres that even have wear indicators to show when new tyres need to be fitted."

The SlideCarver is made exclusively for BMW and costs £465.00. It’s available now, and can be ordered from any BMW dealer. If anyone at BMW's UK press communications office is reading this - I'd quite like a go on one sometime. Perhaps one could be dropped off for me to try, along with an M3 coupe...


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