Blog: Dave LeggettNew BMW 3 Series

Dave Leggett | 18 January 2005

I'm going along to the UK media launch of the new BMW 3 Series saloon in early March. A new 3 Series is obviously a major event for BMW, so it'll be good to try out the fifth generation. It all takes place in southern Spain (hey c'mon, better light and backgound for photographers than Doncaster) and we stay at Hacienda La Boticara, just outside Seville - I think I was there on Toyota Corolla Verso at the same time last year. I hope it's the same place - great hotel and the surrounding countryside was absolutely perfect for driving.

But I realised this morning that I have not yet driven the current  generation (E46) 3 Series! All is not lost: BMW's UK press people  have found me a 330d Sport Touring for a week next month. Looking forward to that.

New 3 Series pics


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