Blog: Dave LeggettNew Astra

Dave Leggett | 16 March 2004

The latest Astra needs to be good if GM Europe is to get back to profitability. Those familiar with past Astras can be forgiven any skepticism. But the new one seems to be getting rave reviews in the UK motoring press. And Jesse Crosse, writing for us, seems to agree that the car moves Vauxhall/Opel's game along quite a bit. A good car and aggressively priced too. Volkswagen clearly faces a real run for its money in the C-segment in Europe and that's no bad thing. Here in Britain, Volkswagen has been able to command premium prices based on brand image and little else for many years now (the Touran has been priced absurdly high and even Volkswagen UK has admitted that discounts are necessary). Maybe the new Astra will - at long last - puncture that particular Volkswagen 'unreality bubble'.

New Astra article


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