Blog: Dave LeggettNew 45 for MG Rover

Dave Leggett | 26 January 2004

Interesting story in this week's Automotive News Europe about the latest state of play on MG Rover's much needed 45 replacement. Rob Oldaker says that the company is close to a deal with a potential partner. MGR is still talking to Chinese carmakers but I'm not surprised to see that he refused to rule out a deal with Tata Motors. TM could be a good partner for MG Rover and TM car operations' boss Dr V Sumantrans was pretty positive about MGR-TM synergies when I saw him in Delhi recently - I definitely got the feeling more is going on than the CityRover deal (but on a point of detail, the 45,000 CityRovers figure for supply this year in the ANE article sounds way too high). TM is an ambitious company and if things go well, maybe a scenario in which TM's relationship with MGR deepens still further is not out of the question.


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