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Dave Leggett | 27 June 2006

I recall that when the mighty Daewoo first came to Britain to sell cars (early 1990s I think) one of the ad taglines struck me as clever: 'Daewoo: the biggest car company you've never heard of'. I was reminded of that today when reading about Malaysia's Naza. Think Malaysia, think Proton and possibly Perodua. But the Malaysian contract assembler that is Naza is developing into a carmaker in its own right with a bit of help from Kia. And distributor IM Group has been playing a role too. Very interesting article from Mark Bursa. And he's not bad with his camera either (see image gallery, top right of the article page - fancies himself as a bit of a David Bailey, he does).

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: Malaysia’s Naza: how to build a car company from scratch


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