Blog: Dave LeggettNatural gas?

Dave Leggett | 6 August 2008

I see Larry Burns has flown a kite for natural gas on GM's corporate blog. It opens yet another avenue for discussion and there's nothing wrong with that, in principle. Let's get the debates going, no stone left unturned. And there are serious reserves of the stuff in North America. 

One thing occurs though. Surely at some point a single vision has to be grabbed with quite a bit of commitment, total commitment even, the strategy for the future crystal clear to all concerned. Will the potential outcomes be better if everyone works and focusses on one goal or several? It's a question of how far you spread your resources. But there are horses to be backed and at some point, someone has to say - that's where we're going with most of our investment resources in the long-term (maybe not unlike Carlos Ghosn and his electric car vision).

If the range-extended Volt is to be the car that eventually saves GM and sends us into a greener and cleaner future (kind of how some of the hyperbole implies), maybe the continual chatter about all the alternatives out there undermines that goal a little. Or perhaps the on-board range extending engine on Volt can be CNG powered?

Larry Burns on gas


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