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Dave Leggett | 7 March 2009

The way things are at the moment, anything positive in the news is noteworthy. The SMMT - the automotive trade association here - has recenty issued a press release headed, 'Bus registrations shine through economic gloom'. It would appear that new registrations of big buses, in particular, are doing well. The cycles for expenditure on them aren't quite the same as those governing cars, but a healthy market is a healthy market.

It's perhaps something to reflect on the next time you pass a National Express coach on the motorway (I wonder if coach travel will enjoy a boost from people downtrading from more expensive trains?). I seem to remember you get quite a mixture of travellers on them (if you're American, think Greyhound). When I pass them (or they pass me, which I will admit does happen - they don't hang about), a certain song comes to mind and I sometimes break out into the opening couple of lines: 'Take the National Express, when your life's in a mess, it'll make you smile...'


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