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Dave Leggett | 19 March 2013

I have just come across something that raised a smile. I was at the SMMT dinner, end of last year, listening to Nigel Stein, GKN chief and SMMT President addressing an audience of some 1,000 formally attired and slightly 'refreshed' UK auto industry people at a posh and cavernous hotel in central London. He livened it up with these remarks, variants of which I and perhaps you, have heard before:

We British are a highly inventive race. The old auto industry adage has some truth -

"The British invent it, the Germans make it better; the Americans make it bigger; the Japanese make it smaller; the Italians make it prettier and the French - well the French just make it different!

Of course now we have to add – “the Koreans make it guaranteed for seven years and the Chinese make the most”!

Needless to say, it got a deserved ripple of laughter.

President’s Annual Dinner speech – 27 November 2012


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