Blog: Dave LeggettNanjing’s Longbridge/China plans

Dave Leggett | 9 November 2005

I’m going to that ‘free seminar’ in Essex tomorrow morning after all. I spoke to the organisers earlier today and it seems that Mr Wang will be using the occasion to say something of substance about Nanjing Automotive’s plans. We’ll see. I just hope I don't find myself listening to too much stuff about how attractive Jiangsu is as a place for investing. 'Come on all you parts suppliers...'

I would certainly think that Nanjing Auto will be looking to have as much manufacturing in China as it can possibly manage along with some ‘key British suppliers’ on board (those few who supply parts that will cost major league time and money to replicate).

But I was wondering if there will be press representatives from Birmingham present. There was a mildly amusing little stunt by the Evening Mail not so long ago (below link).

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