Blog: Dave LeggettNanjing and Birmingham car production

Dave Leggett | 6 July 2006

I'm going along to a press conference being held by Nanjing Auto at the Waldorf Hilton in London on 17th July. The company wants to give 'full details' of its plans to revive car production at Longbridge.

I hope the event is more meaningful than the last press event that Nanjing Auto did in Chelmsford last November. That was short on detail and the subsequent 'lift and shift' of Longbridge tooling gave rise to plenty of cynicism ('they'll never make a car at Longbridge').

But it looks like the company is serious about getting some credibility in Britain and better communicating its plans (for one thing, it is employing Automotive PR to handle its PR).

I suppose some of us may have to eat our words if solid commitment is really forthcoming. Perhaps MGTF roadster production is really set for a Longbridge revival. We'll see.

UK: Nanjing gets 6-month Longbridge lifeline


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