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Dave Leggett | 13 January 2009

It looked like Luca De Meo was being groomed for even higher things at Fiat Group, but now he's off. And to the political cauldron that is Volkswagen-Porsche (should that be written the other way around?). Why did he go? People love to speculate, but perhaps he just fancies the fresh challenge that a move like that will bring. Wolfsburg will be a little different to Torino, but there again, there are perhaps some similarities in the respective company histories and the presence of familial politics and dynasties.

I have also heard that Wolfgang Bernhard could be about to resurface in the auto industry at Magna. I wonder how Jac Nasser is getting on at One Equity these days? It would certainly be interesting to hear his views on Detroit's current plight.

ITALY: Fiat's De Meo tipped for VW marketing post


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