Blog: Dave LeggettMusical chairs in Turin

Dave Leggett | 21 February 2005

Looks like more musical chairs at Fiat where the powers that be seem hooked on the revolving door school of management. Politics within Fiat has always been part of the deal I suppose, and ex-Fiat Auto CEO Herbert Demel has seemed to be a 'dead man walking' for a while now, but does it make sense to lose Martin Leach - as seems likely - after such a short period within the Group? Well, that's one for Marchionne I guess, but I would have thought that Leach might have deserved a crack at a senior Fiat Auto job, maybe the top job even.

Anyone interested in tipping future rising Fiat stars should probably look at who Marchionne has appointed. The problem with rising within Fiat though, is that once you are above a certain level your probability of being let go in a future bout of factional infighting increases, unless you are totally teflon coated that is (step forward Montezemolo).


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