Blog: Simon WarburtonMusic to Chevy's ears

Simon Warburton | 2 December 2010

Down to Valencia on the Spanish coast for Chevrolet's Orlando launch and my first ever time driving a) in Spain and b) one of the US' most iconic brands.

There's a certain cachet in driving a Chevy surely, whether it's the latest seven-seat Orlando or a Corvette - the name just resonates America - while perhaps the Vauxhall Cavalier perhaps didn't quite catch the imagination in the same way.

That allure of Chevy was borne out chatting to Chevrolet's Europe president Wayne Brannon this week, who noted there have been an extraordinary 600 song titles that mention the company and its brands.

Billy Joel, Elton John and Sheryl Crow just to name just a few, are among the stars to have used the name, so it clearly still strikes a chord.

Does any other manufacturer have that American in-built stardust of Chevrolet? And if not, I bet they wish they did.

Note to Vauxhall - I had a Cavalier for eight years and sterling service it gave me too despite being mistaken for a minicab.



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