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Dave Leggett | 25 February 2011

The move by Saab-owner Spyker to divest the Spyker brand makes sense. The exotic sports car brand has become something of a side-show after Spyker acquired Saab from GM (the minnow had swallowed the whale).

And now it reverts back to the Russian sports car enthusiast who had a significant  stake in Spyker prior to the Saab acquisition. Maybe he can ensure that Spyker has access to the capital it needs for new models, not to mention a viable manufacturing and marketing strategy. Spyker is a curious one, though. It's not exactly got a history of being an easy way to make money, though the brand has its fans. It will be interesting to see how Mr Antonov sets the Spyker strategy. I recall an interview I did with Victor Muller a few years ago and well before Saab came along, so it's about the Spyker business. It gives a flavour...

INTERVIEW: Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars N.V.

Meanwhile, Muller has it all to do at Saab, so he can probably do without the distraction of Spyker. Saab is faced with an unavoidable need to raise sales volume sharply this year after stabilising operations in 2010. No flies on Muller though; smart move to get his Russian friend to take the distraction away and pay handsomely for the privilege.

NETHERLANDS: Spyker to sell sports car business


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