Blog: Dave LeggettMulally at CES

Dave Leggett | 8 January 2010

Must admit to enjoying this interview that FOX Business Network's Liz Claman did with Ford CEO Alan Mulally. They seem to be hitting it off pretty well - she's pretty good at asking the questions and he's obviously enjoying answering them. Mulally was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to talk about all the connectivity enhancements coming down the track for Ford cars. Claman did her best to get him to say Ford will be full-year profitable in 2010, but Mulally managed to resist.

If, like me, you find programming Sat-Navs a bit of a hassle, pre-preping from your laptop on, say, Mapquest and sending that to your car before you get in certainly sounds like a big step forward. But the ability to use twitter while driving - a step too far don't you think?



INTERVIEW: CEO Mulally confirms Ford on 'profitable growth path'; unveils 'tweeting car'


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