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Dave Leggett | 30 June 2005

I was chatting earlier today to a PR person about the big automotive shows. It's an interesting subject and one that tends to provoke strong opinions. It is tentative at this point, but I hope I can get to the Detroit Show in early January. But which ones are best? They all have their particular USPs. Frankfurt (it is on in September this year, alternates with Paris) is a biggie. German showcase. It can be physically demanding if you don't have much time (or budget for hotels). Good for sausage, decent beer and Rudi Voeller moustache-mullet combos (thinner on the ground every time, but still a crucial element in the whole shebang, I feel). 

Paris is a good one too. Bit of French flair. Geneva? Neutral and human in scale. Birmingham? Don't be silly. The British Motor Show (God Bless it, a reminder that we once had an industry of our own) is off to London now - a slightly more attractive place for international visitors (though the Docklands venue - Exel - is much smaller than NEC, so it should be interesting to see how that works out).

Would be very nice to make it to Tokyo this year if at all possible. I'll have to work on that one. But my PR friend reminded me about my last Paris Show visit. I did it on a day trip, London-Paris on the rather splendiferous Eurostar train and posted something in the blog about the journey which appeared to have made some impact. The journey out was a bit grim, to say the least. Coming back was a lot better.

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