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Dave Leggett | 18 September 2003

I've just been looking through the many digital images I took when I was in Iran a short while ago (see this week's Feature of the Week) and I felt there was one I should share here. I was there for a full week as part of an SMMT-UK government sponsored trade mission and we has a little free time on Friday (a day of rest in Muslim countries). Some of us decided to escape the pollution and heat of Tehran and take a cable car ride near to the top of a neighbouring mountain. It was quite a trip. I don't do heights all that well, so the other guys really enjoyed winding me up about how high up the gondolas were and how many bounces there'd be if we rolled down the mountainside.

But it was nice and cool up there (11,000ft) and there was actually snow - see the pic. Left to right: Mike Hancox (Dilitex), Andrew Pearson (Flowmaster), me, Steve Shakespeare (Shakespeare forgings), Rod Bell (MIRA).

On a more serious note, if anyone has any questions about the Iranian market or industry, please feel free to contact me.


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