Blog: Graeme RobertsMore westerners eye the BRICs

Graeme Roberts | 1 July 2011


BMW's got a plant in India (and is eyeing Brazil); looks like the Chennai auto hub's next arrival is PSA/Peugeot

More proof this week of the importance of emerging BRIC markets to automakers.

BMW followed up on earlier comments by saying it is thinking about an assembly plant in Brazil (to reduce the effect on retail prices of high tariffs on full imports). Perhaps a modest, low-capital, SKD plant to start. That's how VW got going in Russia; today panels are being stamped and engine production talked about. With not a little government prodding, mind you.

And then there's India. PSA looking close to establishing a plant. And not just for local supply. Chennai. The auto hub of India. Exports. So, is there an Indian assembled Pug in a European buyer's future? We happily already take Hyundais, Nissans, Suzukis and, soon, Renaults, so, why not?


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