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Dave Leggett | 24 February 2009

It sounds like the British government's initial response to providing finance to LDV is a very cautious one. Maybe that's understandable, but the crux of the matter here is surely that LDV is looking at a post-GAZ MBO and talking about a plan that has, it says, engaged the European Investment Bank.

Now then, let's have a proper look at the MBO business plan, eh? Can I suggest to anyone at LDV reading this that they get someone in the company to get in touch with me urgently (01527 573600) so that I can quickly write an article about this plan. If Tony Woodley's comments last week are anything to go by, time is of the essence I believe. I am a little bit frustrated because I made a few calls yesterday to no avail. No-one actually got back to me. I have just left another message with the PR agency that looks after LDV for someone to call me. An article on just-auto detailing the main aspects of the MBO, the status of the EIB engagement and LDV's short-term financial needs as well as the 'green van' vision wouldn't do any harm right now would it? Pity Steve Miller is gone...

UK: LDV seeks government bridging loan


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