Blog: Dave LeggettMore fun than trains

Dave Leggett | 3 October 2003

That public relations company (Automotive PR) event that I mentioned I would be attending yesterday evening turned out to be a useful occasion. Good crowd from the UK automotive media community. Professor Garel Rhys said a few words to the assembled mob and was in fine fettle. One of the things he said stuck with me and it is something that we who work in this industry should remember. Most of us find something intrinsically attractive in working in this huge industry that produces and sells motor vehicles and we are fortunate to be doing so. Yes, whatever part we are playing, this industry is much more engaging than some others that we can think of. Garel poked some fun at trains and said that anyone working for a train operating company in Britain, for example, would probably rather keep quiet about it. Too true.

It reminded me of one of the things I said at that presentation I made to students earlier this week. I was pointing to some of the big hitters and egos who run - or have run - car companies. Think about it. Nasser, Iacocca, Piech, Schrempp, Calvet - this industry attracts some major egos. And what is happening with Wolfgang Reitzle? Will he be leaving Linde soon and is his Ford contract non-compete clause time period up yet? Had to laugh when he turned up at the Aston Martin IAA stand in Frankfurt and proceeded to tell the world that the DB9 wouldn't have happened without him (probably true though). What a mischievous chap he is. Bet he's itching to get back in a car company.


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