Blog: Dave LeggettMonday, Monday

Dave Leggett | 10 November 2003

The Mamas and Papas classic 'Monday, Monday' was going through my head on the drive to the office this morning through exceptionally thick fog (a real 'pea-souper'). I managed to upset a blue collar chappie in a white van for some reason. Not sure what I did (maybe I'd inadvertently cut him up on a roundabout - big deal). He gave me a very aggressive two-fingered salute and I gave him my best beaming smile. Lovely moment. He was absolutely incandescent with rage and I was grateful there were no imminent stops for junctions.

Reminds me of the time a burly freight truck driver got out of his cab to remonstrate with me at the lights. He was gesticulating wildly. Is that something in his hand? Windows up, hit the locks. I decided smiling at him would have been, perhaps, counter productive. He wasn't at all a happy bunny as I had just pulled out in front of him without warning on London's busy Euston Road. My mistake but he had some serious anger management issues that needed dealing with. In fact I am constantly amazed by the anger that seems to lie just below the surface in many people. Where's the sense of perspective? Pressures of modern living? Or did cavemen throw major wobblies if someone ran in front of them while hunter gathering?


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