Blog: Dave LeggettModus probs

Dave Leggett | 29 June 2005

Interesting to see that the Renault Modus (Clio-based and one of a growing number of supermini/B-Segment-based MPVs) is causing a few headaches at Renault as sales come in under expectations. Renault is blaming the segment performance as a whole, rather than its product and I think there may be something in that, to be fair.

Renault Modus is a pretty good product. But personally, I have never been convinced that there is a big market in Europe for B-Segment based MPVs. There are plenty of C-Segment based MPVs available now for the young families that want them. And there is still a traditional supermini hatch customer base. These two factors appear to squeeze the market potential for tall superminis - and several makers steamed in early to exploit the niche. There just wasn't room for everyone. 

FRANCE: Renault reviews B-Seg strategy as Modus sales disappoint


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