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Dave Leggett | 27 February 2004

Met up with Glenn Brooks for lunch yesterday. He wrote quite a bit for just-auto last year, but now he's Deputy Editor of Volvo's customer magazine (called, appropriately enough, 'Volvo Magazine' and published by Redwood) so he has a little less time to write for us now. Over Wagamama's noodles (just off London's Leicester Square; quick, tasty and very good value) Glenn brought me up-to-date with the Product Lifecycle Database he's been working on. It sounds like it has been a lot of hard work for Glenn but a real labour of love.

I can't wait to see it. For one thing, it gives me a good excuse to put my metaphorical anorak on and engage in endless banter with Glenn over model names and platform codes. The Japanese makers are especially creative when it comes to model names and there have been some real corkers down the years. Old favourites of mine include the Nissan Cedric, Isuzu Big Horn and the positively unforgettable Daihatsu Step-thru Pantry Boy. But I gather the rapidly emerging Chinese domestic makers have some pretty good model names too. Yummy.  


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