Blog: Dave LeggettMMC rescue plan

Dave Leggett | 21 May 2004

I've just been speaking to the news desk at the BBC - World Business Report. They wanted me to go down to the studios and talk about the Mitsubishi Motor rescue plan on TV. Unfortunately, I'm far too busy today and am very much going to be chained to my desk. Pity - I'm actually in the mood to do something like that. The bits I've heard about the plan so far seem pretty much in line with what was expected - one plant in Japan to shut, extensive job losses, platform rationalisation. I guess they'll be relieved in Australia: vehicle manufacturing at Adelaide carries on and there's a new model  (Magna replacement, next year). But the engine plant will shut, so it'll be mixed feelings I suppose.

MMC head man Okazaki summed it up at a press conference: 'This is our last chance to survive as an automaker'. 


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