Blog: Dave LeggettMitsubishi defect cover-ups

Dave Leggett | 29 October 2003

The police have been raiding MMC offices in Japan again. Let's hope they don't uncover anything untoward about how the company has been dealing with defects lately. Remember what happened back in 2000? It was jaw-dropping then and still is now I think. Three years ago there was a massive scandal when it emerged that MMC had systematically covered up customer complaints for more than 20 years instead of reporting them to authorities for possible recalls. In some cases the company even secretly repaired vehicles. The recall scandal erupted in July 2000 after the Transport Ministry, acting on a tip-off, found unreported customer complaints in a company locker room, leading the firm to recall more than half a million vehicles. The firm also concealed customer complaint information in its computer system when Transport Ministry officials inspected the company. When good companies go bad.


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