Blog: Dave LeggettMistakes - we all make 'em

Dave Leggett | 19 August 2005

We all make mistakes in the course of carrying out our professional duties don't we? It's part and parcel of being a human being. Obviously, we like to keep them to a minimum. But how costly are yours? Mine? Well, the consequences aren't too severe. Hey, I'm not going to point out my weaknesses here!

This news item (below link) shows up one error that can have big consequences. Diesel oil in a gasoline engine? - no laughing matter, especially if 300 cars may be affected, engines screwed-up. That's not good.

But I had a conversation earlier today about the tragedy of that innocent Brazilian guy shot dead on the Tube by police in London who thought he was a suicide bomber. Some people in the Metropolitan police force clearly had a very, very bad day at the office, but you have to see it in context, consider the nature of what they do and the risks they take. Sure, the shooting was a horrible tragedy and should not have happened, but it also has a horrible and grisly context that needs to be taken into account (coming just after 52 people lost their lives on  July 7th and a second bombing operation had failed a few weeks later - nerves were jangling).

I was in London travelling on the Tube yesterday and if I was in a carriage with a suicide bomber ready to blow I would not want the police holding back out of fear of the consequences to them individually of taking 'executive action'. Tough times we live in now and I think there will be a learning process in terms of working out systems, procedures etc.

But if you make a mistake, what are the consequences? And on that cheery note I'll wish you all a happy weekend.

And here's hoping we sort out the Aussies good and proper next week in the fourth test and don't let them off the hook again (sorry, cricket stuff).

UK: Tanker driver's mistake results in petrol pumps supplying diesel


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