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Dave Leggett | 11 March 2004

Re the below blog, someone has pointed out that automatically dimming rear-view mirrors have been around a while. True, but the OE fitment penetration rates to passenger vehicles by region make interesting reading – W. Europe 14%, NA 27%, Japan 4%. I got that from a report on rear-view mirrors that just-auto produced around 18 months ago (an update is coming up). The link below is to a feature we published back then also.

And here’s an extract concerning auto-dimming technology:   

'Another popular item is the auto-dimming technology, reducing headlamp glare from following traffic. Donnelly and Gentex have introduced electrochromic (EC) mirrors. EC mirrors contain a gel that can darken when a small charge of electricity is applied. The electric charge is triggered when light sensors in the mirror detect too much light - typically from a glare - in the field of vision. Gentex introduced its first automatic-dimming mirrors in the early 1980s as options on high-end luxury vehicles. Today, these mirrors are either standard equipment or are available in option packages on vehicles in every market segment. As auto-dimming mirrors permeate the mid- and lower-range car segments, manufacturers believe that global sales of such mirrors could reach $2 billion by 2005, up from $500 million this year (2002).'

Mirror, mirror in my car


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