Blog: Graeme RobertsMini plays harmonica

Graeme Roberts | 22 March 2011

Via the Sydney Morning Herald comes this morning news from my native New Zealand that the local BMW Mini distributor, a factory-owned shop, has come up with a viral ad of a harmonica-playing car.

We're told the Kiwis attached over 300 harmonicas to a Mini Clubman to make an interactive music video that aims to get web-savvy younger buyers on board.

The wind instruments are placed strategically over the car - including seven in the grille, two in the bonnet scoop and four on each wheel - in an attempt to generate a unique sound as the car passes through the air.

The 45-second YouTube clip shows the harmonica-clad Clubman driving in several different situations and emitting a range of different sounds.

Mini New Zealand has set up a website that allows browsers to make their own 'Carmonica' clip.

See the video here.


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