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Dave Leggett | 24 September 2007

I'm flying to bonnie Scotland (Aberdeen) later this morning for the UK media launch of the Mini Clubman. It's a refreshing change from southern Spain. The driving routes this afternoon will hopefully take in the foothills of the Cairngorms; here's hoping it's not raining too hard (our 'Indian summer' seems to have abruptly ended this morning).

Hotel for tonight's overnighter looks pretty good (the car companies tend to look after journalists on these things; if it's good enough for the Sultan of Brunei and Meatloaf, it's good enough for me). Bar should be well stocked with single malts.

Looks like a good crowd on this trip - several of the freelancer bylines that grace this publication will be along. Mini biographer and just-auto commentator Rob Golding is one of them, so I'm looking forward to getting his take on this new Mini variant.

The car seems to be getting a generally good press, but the 'suicide' rear door that opens into the traffic rather than the sidewalk (actually, come to think of it, a better and more descriptive word than the usual Brit word 'pavement') in RHD markets has generated a little low-level controversy.

Amazing to reflect on what an extraordinary success Mini has been for BMW. Not only has Mini been simplified and improved upon with Mk 2, but the Clubman variant ought to be a smart move, enabling customers who need more interior space to stick with the brand.

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