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Dave Leggett | 20 July 2007

A copy of Rob Golding's book on the Mini (past and present) arrived in the post earlier this week. If you are interested in the story of the original Issigonis Mini and also the story of how BMW reinvented the Mini brand, you'll enjoy the book. It's well produced and Mr G has obviously done his research. He's also managed to get hold of some fab pics, sketches etc. I'm not just bigging him up 'cos he writes for just-auto - I reckon it's a good book.

For any car company that has a less than successful launch, the original Mini story leaves a little hope. The launch was disastrous due to early faults - the most serious of which was a water leak in the floor caused by a metal plate in the subframe being designed to weld the wrong way round. Before long, Rob notes, the cabin of a Mini was distinguished by the smell of rotting carpet. And competitors would advise customers also considering a Mini to ask for the free pair of BMC Wellington boots. The car was saved by its personality. 

And I'll be driving the new Mini Clubman in September. The UK media launch takes place in Scotland - there's a flight to Aberdeen. Not been north of the border in ages, so I'll look forward to that one.

Rob's book on UK Amazon

Rob's book on US Amazon


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