Blog: Dave LeggettMINI BARge

Dave Leggett | 11 July 2006

One thing that is different about the new venue for the British Motor Show (ExCel in London's eastern docklands area) is the waterside setting. The water does offer an opportunity to do something a bit different and BMW seems to have grabbed the bull by the horns with its outdoor 'BMW Plaza' and the adjacently moored 'MINI BARge'. Could be a very smart move if the weather is good.

The Mini barge is a floating hospitality area for Mini owners. All Mini owners in Britain are invited to visit the barge, which has three bars and a games room; some 20,000 have been mailed information packs.

Actually, that 'BARge' name amused me a little. What with MINI and ExCel, it's capitalisation chaos these days, but 'BAR' at least sends out a good solid reason for going along. Andy Hearn, Mini's UK General Manager, said: “We really wanted to push the boat out this year..."


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