Blog: Dave Leggett(Mind your) language

Dave Leggett | 11 August 2003

Interesting blog entry written last week by my colleague Graeme Roberts about the different forms of English that abound. I prefer to see English-English on just-auto from the editorial team for the simple reason that we are based in Britain and it comes naturally. We shouldn't be apologising for using English-English, even though many of our readers are American and the Queen's English we crazy Brits use may jar with Americans from time to time. Come to think of it, I haven't had an irate e-mail from someone complaining about our continual mis-spelling of 'tire' with 'tyre' for some time.

But it is interesting how the English language is evolving globally.

Asians who speak English seem to overwhelmingly learn American-English these days (the glorious Indian sub-continent excepted, where terms from the days of the British Raj are still in common use) so I guess the writing is on the wall. And more and more Americanisms are creeping into general use in Britain through the steamroller power of US popular culture (I'd like to think there's some reverse traffic also). I don't particularly like Crain's approach with (until recently British-based and produced for a European audience) Automotive News Europe's use of American-English; it grates a bit, but I can at least understand their reasons. This one'll run and run.


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