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Dave Leggett | 31 March 2005

It can be difficult to get through to the right person in a big company. Company structures can be complicated, byzantine organagrams, perhaps there are geographical splits also, the main switchboard isn't terribly helpful - we've all been there, right? One of my colleagues has been having a particular difficulty with Microsoft and is having a frustrating time on the telephone this afternoon. He has a name, three in fact, but he can't even get e-mail addresses so that he can contact them that way.

Contact number one has voicemail claiming that she returned from vacation two days ago - message left four days ago but no response yet. Contact number two: has voicemail but his mailbox is full, so that's that. You are invited to leave a message after the bleep and then the voice tells you it's a no-go. And contact number three is, my colleague tells me, about as easy to reach as Lord Lucan. Having explained the communication problems to the switchboard and tried to get e-mail addresses, it was suggested that the best way to reach these people is by an altogether different medium....FAX!


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