Blog: Simon WarburtonMichelin highlights DS cooperation

Simon Warburton | 26 May 2015


"We're gonna need a bigger garage..."

Michelin has long cooperated with Citroen's DS range with its adjustable suspension system making it possible to conduct precise trials.

"This creative spirit is reflected in the Mille Pattes or Centipede [pictured here], used to test truck tyres at high speeds which is on display at L'Aventure Michelin in Clermont," says the component producer.

Michelin adds the DS was the first car with a suspension system designed for the radial tyre.

The DS has always been fitted with Michelin tyres and adopted successive generations of tyres, including the X and XAS.

First versions of the DS also featured a Michelin wheel with a central fixing point, which made it easier to change in the event of a flat tyre says the supplier.


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