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Dave Leggett | 18 June 2007

Michael Moore the film maker is a controverisal character, to be sure.

'Manufacturing Dissent', a film that accuses Moore of dishonesty in the making of his politically charged documentaries, alleges that he interviewed then-GM Chairman Roger Smith, the elusive subject of Moore's 1989 debut 'Roger & Me' but left the footage on the cutting room floor.

"Anybody who says that is a (expletive) liar," Moore told The Associated Press in an interview Saturday after a showing of 'Sicko', his take on US heathcare, in the northern Michigan village of Bellaire.

Moore apparently acknowledged having had "a good five minutes of back-and forth" with Smith about a company tax abatement at a 1987 shareholders' meeting, as reported by Premiere magazine in 1990. But that was before he began working on 'Roger & Me' and had nothing to do with the film, Moore said.

"If I'd gotten an interview with him, why wouldn't I put it in the film?" Moore added. "Any exchange with Roger Smith would have been valuable." And GM surely would have publicised any interview in response to the movie, he said.

"I'm so used to listening to the stuff people say about me, it just becomes entertainment for me at this point," Moore said. "It's a fictional character that's been created with the name of Michael Moore."

I expect 'Sicko' will also be controversial. One thing about Moore though: he certainly zeros in on some of the big issues of our times - and gets under some skins in the process.

I wouldn't put it past him to cut a few corners to support the message he wants to get across (wow, whoever heard of a journalist doing that before?). But I also wouldn't put it past his detracters to try and rubbish him a little unfairly, either.


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