Blog: Dave LeggettMG Rover

Dave Leggett | 8 October 2004

Daniel Ward's move to head up MG Rover's PR operation is an interesting one. People will say, has he lost his mind? Why leave a comfy job at Ford to join a company that is in such dire straits and possibly facing a very bleak future? But then, think about it. He'll get plenty of action in the trenches and it may just be a lot more fun and professionally rewarding for however long it lasts, even if the company eventually goes belly up. He's just gone through the gate for the extreme ride at the theme park. No turning back now Daniel. It may be a little scary, but it's a controlled environment. And Daniel's been around for a long time, so he's hardly an ambitous young careerist or, I expect, all that bothered about what comes next if it does all unwind. Enjoy it Daniel!


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