Blog: Dave LeggettMG Rover production cut

Dave Leggett | 25 November 2003

The BBC want me on the radio later today to talk about MG Rover's planned production cutback designed to 'balance dealer stock levels'. I'll just say that it cannot be easy to shift models that are so far past their sell-by date. You can dress mutton up as lamb for so long, but eventually the market cottons on. And the new medium car is still two years away I hear. The 'newcomer' 75 isn't as young as it was either. Don't get me wrong  - all things considered I think MG Rover is making a very decent fist of things, but there are certain fundamentals that eventually have to be faced up to. Maybe the little Tata dressed up as City Rover will help, but 2004 could be a rocky year for Longbridge.


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